Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 2010

Way Too Hot
People, it's way too hot. Too hot for drawing. But not too hot for the video I made in class today. It's a little bit creepy . Sort of look like Orphan Annie, what with no pupils and all. At the end of class the teacher (who has been out on a date with Bjork AND dated Debbie Harry) said, "You've got a lot going on there, maybe next week , you can work on something more cohesive, a few simple gestures, maybe" It's very tedious, the stop animation. And I'm not to fond of making the model -ergo the half-assed look of mine. There are 24 frames per second of movie. Wowsers! Blah blah blah. After multiple tries uploading here, I went and opened a youtube account.

Look! I figured out how to "embed" it!

"Find what you really love to do and then go after it - relentlessly. And don't fret about the money. Because what you love to do is quite likely what you're good at. And what you're good at will likely bring you financial reward eventually." Steve Hannah CEO, The Onion.

See the problem is, what do I really love? I love talking to my bears. I like telling people what do to. I enjoyed putting together my concert. Perhaps I can be a concert promoter for bears...

Jean Shorts
Yeah, I bought some. I think I like them. Jean shorts.

Pretzel M&M's - totally awesome

Little Children - Good enough. I had read the book a while back and was curious.
Big Fan - Good enough. Was interested in seeing Patton Oswalt do a dramatic role
Babies -Good enough. I was distracted by the tween boys behind me. I don't know who thought that this would be a good movie for a bunch of boys. No no no.
Valentine's Day - Good enough.
The Messenger - Better than good enough, but not quite really good. Rough topic, done well.
The Dark Knight - I got confused. It was too violent for me.
It's Complicated - Good enough. Entertaining...
The Hurt Locker - Way intense. I couldn't make it all the way through.
Eclipse - Super fantastic. It was pretty great (for a Twilight movie). It was a like a real movie.
Good Hair - Pretty Good. Documentary by Chris Rock.
The Good Guy- Good enough. Meh.

The Girl Who Played With Fire - by Stieg Larsson - man these books are addictive...good stuff..Too bad the guy is dead
A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy soldier - by Ishmael Beah - really good.
Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal.....[the title keeps going on and on -it's a memoir] - by Jen Lancaster - she's really mean. Light, fun, trashy reading
An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination - A Memoir -by Elizabeth McCracken -Really good. Really sad. Really good.