Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mid Month Special

Little Miss Matched.....Project Sock Design Contest -Season 2
Entry deadline April 15, 2010.

Check it out.

Little Miss Matched is primarily known for selling packs of 3 non-matching but somehow related socks. No limit on the number of entries! Here is the first of what will be one of my many submissions.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010

Didn't really start this until a little depressed toward the end of the month and got behind schedule. So this month it's sketches that may or may not evolve into something more at a later date.

Done! Refund!

169. Wrong!

Inglorious Basterds - Really Good. Super intense and violent. OMG.
Enlighten Up - Good enough. An exploration of yoga. Not super interesting.
Louis CK - Chewed Up - pretty funny.
The Graduate -Pretty Good - Watching a young Dustin Hoffman is pretty great.
Mad Men - Season One - Half way through, quite good.
New York I Love You - Good enough.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - by David Wroblewski - Really good.
Olive Kitteridge - by Elizabeth Strout -Really good.
Push:A Novel - by Sapphire - really good. Rough. Don't know that I want to see the movie.
In Defense of Food - by Michael Pollan -just started this...
Drawn To Life - Walt Stanchfield -working my way through it.

The Broadway
A View From the Bridge - by Arthur Miller - Really good. That Liev Schreiber can act.
Next Fall - by Geoffrey Nauffts - Really good. Entertaining.

On the Internet
Facebook - I'm on the Facebook. Almost. Kinda sorta. The profile pictures of Robbie and Joe are drawings that I've done.
School of Visual Arts - Continuing Ed- Course Finder- Illustration and Cartooning - Under "Class Artwork" for Cartooning Basics are two examples of my stuff.