Monday, February 15, 2010

Mid Month Special

Went up to Rob and Robbie's country house for the weekend. Eat, Lounge, Sleep, Repeat. Look at Pete. Isn't he sweet?

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 2010


There is a guy on the morning commute who drinks his Starbucks and then leaves his cup on the train. C'mon man! Perhaps I should be more zen and ask myself why it bothers me. Answer: Because he should take his garbage with him.

How Does That Work
When I read an article about an artist (actors, playwrights, writers, painters etc.) I always wonder, do they make their living off of it and how much money do they make? I mean, if they had a day job, wouldn't that be mentioned that in the article? Or maybe they don't because who wants to read an article about the hot new playwright who also works at the local cheese shop.

Annual Physical
Blood results aren't in yet....but I've gained 5 pounds since last year. Ugh. Gotta get unfat since a medical professional has said I should lose just a little. But I've only gained 10 pounds overall since 19998, not so bad.

Broadway Show

After reading the reviews for A View Under the Bridge, I decided I really wanted to see it. So I went to the box office and bought a ticket. Who knew it was so easy to do that? Seeing it on Feb. 21, review to follow.

Golden Ticket
Went to the employee-only cafeteria of the majority tenant at work. They don't accept cash, you have to have a special vendor card. A co-worker has a card. Not sure how, don't want to know. So we went, it was pretty great, but it felt a little wrong.

Recorder Inspiration
Went to a production of The Two Noble Kinsmen by The Guerilla Shakespeare Project. I think the best part was the guy who was rocking out on the recorder! He played a lot of Beatles and some Don McLean. Amazing! I've been practicing, practicing...

500 Days of Summer - Really good. I bought it.
Adam - Pretty good. I think I had Aspergers for a couple hours after watching the movie
Away We Go - Not so good. So friggin' boring. Ugh.
Funny People - Pretty good - dark and a little too long.
Glee - Bought the first season. Good stuff.
Julie & Julia - Really good. Though Amy Adam's voice sort of bothers me.
Leap Year - Not so good. It was cold out and it was the next thing playing.
Mysterious Skin - Pretty good. After watching 500 Days, I was curious about the other GJL films. Brutal. Not for kids.
Up - Really Good. I bought it. I cry every time.
Valentino - The Last Emperor -Pretty good.